Ways of Staying Healthy

“Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being”. Therefore, the way to stay healthy will logically include these three important elements.

For me, the most important element is that of the mental state of health. I recently complimented a 96 year old patient who looked and behaved a lot younger than her chronological age would otherwise suggest. She replied that this was due to her not having negative attitudes to others and always being thankful for her circumstances in life. Having worked with many less fortunate societies than that found in Gibraltar, I can certainly relate to this outlook and agree that we should count our blessings. This is the first step to staying mentally healthy which in turn leads to maintaining physical health as one’s mood is intimately connected to one’s body.

Regarding the physical side of health, people ought to be aware of their past family history as this can strongly influence present or future illnesses. This can include heart disease, certain types of serious illnesses such as colon or breast cancers, as well as diabetes and other diseases. My global well-man, well-woman approach to patients means that I can prevent or quickly identify such issues before they become entrenched. My public health speciality background has allowed my practice to be preventive and health fostering whilst also comprehensively diagnostic or curative as required.

Dr Jaime Bendeck

Dr Norbert Borge

MBBS (London) LRCP (Eng) MRCS (London) MRCP (UK) FRCP (London) Specialist in Internal Medicine

Norbert has been a doctor since qualifying from St. Mary’s Hospital, London in 1975. Subsequent to a 2 year spell in the Health Centre, Norbert returned to hospital work, obtained his Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 1982 and elected Fellow of the Royal College (London) in 1996.

Norbert had been in employment with the Gibraltar Health Authority until 2006. He had lived the Gibraltar Health Authority’s changes and felt that it was time to return to a more family orientated, personal, caring type of medicine.

“Private practice complements the State system of health. I would say that in many aspects, it provides facets not available through the state system. Fortunately, excellent secondary investigative / hospital facilities exist within a short distance of Gibraltar and in private practice I make use of them. Within The Borge Dental Medical Centre, I offer a comprehensive service including electrocardiograms, cardiac 24 hour monitoring, spirometry, vascular Doppler, cryotherapy and diathermy among others. I liaise with other specialists to provide a totally holistic approach to healthcare which not only provides excellent technical care but ensures peace of mind and patient satisfaction”.

Dr Jaime Bendeck

MD MSc MPH Physician

With over 28 years working as a doctor I believe that understanding patients, their lifestyles and varying needs must lie at the heart of good medical practice. This involves focusing on both the immediate symptoms or problems and also the potential long term associated causes.

Obesity, drinking, smoking, stress avoidance, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke prevention are common issues and I adopt a curative medicine – empathetic approach as patients current illnesses often arise from long term conditions. The aim of my wellness clinic is to assist patients back to health and to empower individuals to care for themselves and their loved ones from as early on in life as possible to avoid health complications in later years.

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